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Auteur Topic: Contact: Things are building up to the grand finale  (gelezen 40788 keer)


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Contact: Things are building up to the grand finale
« Gepost op: mei 07, 2011, 11:07:01 am »

It is becoming very obvious that the Human Race is at a key point in its evolution. The collapse of the old ways confirms that they are no longer suitable for the new Human that is emerging. However many only see an uncertain future offering more chaos and catastrophes. It is therefore important for our mission to commence upon Earth without delay. Our acknowledged presence will allay many fears and give hope, whereas often at present only despair and desperation exist.

You do have a wonderful future waiting to unfold that is only held back by the last gasp antics of the dark Ones. We shall therefore exalt our allies to forge ahead and start a sequence of events that will end in Ascension. If we do not get the response we desire, we shall be allowed to force the issue in the interests of all of you.

As you will know by now, when we refer to using force it is by way of persuasion or through the application of Universal Laws. We wish that your civilization had taken the opportunity offered many years ago, to bring peace to your world. However, it was not to be and you were lured into thinking that you were free citizens and that your lives were normal. Yet you were gradually having your freedom taken away from you, and it was done by such subtle means you were unaware as to what was happening. To your credit many souls started to understand what was taking place, and movements grew that sought the changes that would lift you up and bring peace.

That was a signal duly noted by the Spiritual Hierarchy, who extended the time period to enable more souls to awaken to the truth. That decision has proved to be successful, as a great surge in your consciousness levels has been recorded. It is a sad fact that many are called, but some souls are too set in their ways and beliefs to respond. We still interact with them as with any other soul, as we see the true potential of all of you. Great care and love is given unconditionally, as we know that it is only a matter of time before a group of souls is ready to ascend. By your reckoning it will be a long, long time, but it will come with the cyclic nature of all that exists.

If you hold onto your faith in us, you will deflect the negative energies that are inevitably leveled at us by those who do not understand the Light. We represent change and it does not come easily to those who are beholden to the material world. Their fascination with it will often only last whilst they are successful, but it cannot bring true fulfillment and the inner peace that brings joy and happiness. Many already enjoy such peaceful levels of existence, and they are able to walk tall through any discord or confusion because they are no longer affected. Such Beings are the beacons of Light that bring calmness wherever it is needed. Their high energies also have a healing affect on people around them. This level can be achieved by anyone who lives their life in Love and Light and gives no place to the lower vibrations.

Whatever effort you need to put in to achieve Ascension, will be more than worth it and should not be looked upon as having been a sacrifice on your part. To live in the Love and Light is your natural demeanor, as you return to levels that were once your home. Have we not told you that you are gods in the making, in which case you have a natural urge to return to them. Duality is a game that upon completion you leave behind, having gained immense experience that you take with you. No experience is without some value, and you will forever evolve until you again return to the Source. Perhaps you can now understand why you need to release attachments to the lower vibrations. Think into the future and hold that image, and know it is vastly superior to anything that you presently experience.

Things are building up to the grand finale, and as you know it will come good. There is no other ending this time round, and the Divine Plan will ensure a happy ending. It was different in bygone times when you yourselves created your future. Now however the line has been drawn and this cycle of duality must come to an end. Ultimately every soul will find itself exactly where it should be, and there is no place for error. Be glad and look forward to a heavenly existence knowing that you will never again enter the duality cycle. From hereon life will be idyllic and fulfilling while you enjoy the beauty and comforts of the higher dimensions. You will need for nothing at all, and have everything that makes life an absolute pleasure. Words cannot describe the bliss you will experience and the Light that permeates all that exists.

We really are in a waiting scenario, as the final acts are about to be played out. So much is near fruition, and tremendous effort has been put into bringing the result we expect. Your input is till vital and we need you to focus your Light upon any issue or person that stands in the way of our success. Together we have to continue transmuting the dark energies, and thus weaken their ability to interfere with the process of change. It is you the people who hold the real power so we encourage you to put out positive thoughts, and never give in to the fear factor. There will continue to be terrorists all of the time there is inequality in the world, and a country’s sovereignty is interfered with. They will however withdraw from their activities in the near future, when it is understood that a peaceful conclusion can be achieved. It will be backed by our presence and assurance that peace will be restored everywhere in the world.

Peace is the answer to almost all of your problems. At a stroke it will remove fear and replace it with hope, joy and peaceful co-operation between all people. We are therefore laying down the plans for a great leap forward, and await the opportunity to first clear the decks. Much preparation has already been made and you will find that once we achieve our first objective, the rest will follow quite rapidly.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and most grateful for all of the activity put in by the Lightworkers. It has helped our aims to push ahead with our projects, and we now stand at the ready to proceed. The Galactic Federation are most pleased with your positive outlook and it will bring its own rewards.

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