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Auteur Topic: Contact: Expect the unexpected as changes move forward (25-2)  (gelezen 6408 keer)


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Contact: Expect the unexpected as changes move forward (25-2)
« Gepost op: februari 27, 2011, 09:33:37 pm »

The current circumstances that are taking place in the Middle East, require that you keep calm and do not add to the emotional turmoil that has been generated. You have the advantage of knowing that the people will win their freedom, therefore the way in which you can help is to spread the Light into those areas in question.

A peaceful energy that carries the energy of love, will have a wonderfully calming affect all round. Anger and hate simply feeds the very energies that are fomenting the troubles that you are witnessing. Having come thus far it is not the time to waver or fear the consequences, because as you know your victory over the dark Ones is assured.

The repercussions of the unrest will to a certain extent arise in all countries, and it will make the authorities think twice before taking action. They know as well as you that the old ways have run their course, but hesitate to promote the new way of thinking that calls for a total change from the old to a new paradigm. Yet it cannot be prevented from coming into being, and your energies continue to build it up so that it cannot be denied. Soon the fact that Ascension looms large must also be made known to Mankind, and that by itself will bring a great measure of peace to the world. It will be coupled by the knowledge that your lives are infinite, so that all people are aware of their immortality. That encourages them to look beyond their present lives, and understand that all experiences happen for a purpose. It will put meaning into lives that are being wasted in the belief that they do not have a future, and fall into the depths of despair.

Furthermore, it is also time to establish the fact that it is you that will judge your lives, and that God does not mete out punishment or condemn souls to purgatory. You may well consider that Hell is on Earth, and that is of your own making as you were given the powers to create as you desired. Now you shall see that when you direct your energies to create peace and harmony on Earth, it shall be so. Because you have risen up and hold the intent to make it a better world, you will accept that you have incredible power when you set your minds on what you want. It also allows us and other Beings of the Light to come to you, and help manifest the New Age. So you shall see great happenings as the Light works its miracles when all hope seemed to be lost. It was always intended that this cycle would end with Ascension, but did not become certain until there were a number great leaps forward in your consciousness levels.

Focus on all that is of the higher vibration, and understand that even in attaining a greater freedom souls will have made sacrifices to achieve it. Again that will have been part of their life plan, and in some instances was to atone for past mistakes. Remember Dear Ones, you agreed it in advance of birthing upon the Earth and although your freewill still operates, very few souls would change their life plan. Every time you learn something new it is a lifting up of your vibrations, and that is important if you desire to ascend. Each soul goes through a cleansing period when old karma is cleared up, and that is particularly necessary at this time. Certainly there is no lack of opportunity in your world at present, and they are best taken when you have been consciously prepared to do so.

Behind all events that happen upon Earth, there are higher Beings standing by to ensure that they do not get out of hand. Also we of the Galactic Federation are at their command and can be called to service in Godís name. Everything has purpose, and even the negative actions can be instrumental in furthering your spiritual advancement. Indeed, they often give you a chance to excel in your Light work and lift up your vibrations even higher. So you can see that literally no experience is without its value, and duality continually presents you with challenges. Perhaps you will see life a lot differently than before, and realize that it is planned to perfection, even if you cannot see its benefit to you.

The truth not only sets you free but it provides you with a reason to seek the most out of life, with a view to doing your best in all circumstances. It will speed up your evolution so that you have a definite goal in mind, and can set your sights upon it. Go within and find your pathway to Ascension, as it may be quite different to others and follow your intuition. It is useful to have guidance, but in the last reckoning be your own person and take charge of your life. You can do it and your progress will be much quicker and most satisfactory for you. You are not alone on your travels and other souls who have been chosen to be part of your experiences, will find their way into your life. Even those who turn out to be your adversaries will subconsciously know their part too, and perhaps only enter your life for a single purpose before disappearing again. You might well be amazed that with millions of souls seeking their experiences that it can work out, but it does. There are mighty Beings that oversee your lives, and their power is such that it would be beyond your present understanding.

As you move forward with the changes expect the unexpected, as some will spring up all of a sudden and will surprise you if not delight you. Our allies have worked hard to reach this point in time, and we would say that we are happy with the progress being made. You have so much to look forward this year let alone the next one. So be patient now that you are so near to experiencing some really big events, that will provide the evidence you seek to assure you all is well. The scale of what is happening is enormous, so please allow for our requirement that the time is right when we go ahead. We do not wish to rush into things without adequate preparation, and we have been extremely active on board our ships by continually updating our plans. We can in fact accurately forecast events but will not give exact dates as they are best kept secret.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and look down upon an Earth that is in deep turmoil, yet see the Light emerging stronger than ever. That is your guarantee that you have won the battle already. Our immense love goes out to you to propel you ever forward, I bless you all.

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