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Auteur Topic: Contact: The task of cleansing the Earth is huge (7-2)  (gelezen 6271 keer)


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Contact: The task of cleansing the Earth is huge (7-2)
« Gepost op: februari 08, 2011, 10:20:20 pm »

Your awakening continues to grow exponentially, and that is your guarantee that there will never be a return to the old ways. Already your mass consciousness is helping others to awaken, and with it comes a better understanding of what is talking place. It is being realized that events are leading to massive changes, that are necessary to bring you to the next stage of your evolution. In so doing it is making the changes much easier to put into place. The commencement of open activity that is identified as part of our plan will soon be apparent. For the time being we continue to guide our allies, as their part in the preparations is most important. The going is tough at present but that was to be expected, as the dark Ones cling to their power only to see it slipping away. It may seem to be a massive muddle, but out of it will come opportunities to introduce the benefits that have been promised to you.

Naturally there are many versions of what is to happen very soon, and there are disinformation sources that not only attempt to confuse you, but also bring fear of what the future holds. We ask you to stay calm and follow your intuitive feelings, and know that messages carrying the Light do not present their information in a way to bring it about. Be focused and let your heart centre beam out your Light wherever you are, and so lift others up who will certainly benefit from your presence. Negative emotions only feed the very things that upset you, whereas the Light takes away their power. We remind you that it is on a higher level where the battle of the dark and Light is being fought out. The resulting energies affect every one upon Earth, and with the Light in the ascendance you are attracting more of it to yourselves. The more that it is anchored upon Earth; the more you are lessening the degree to which the changes can affect you.

Those of you who tap into various sources that are recognized as being of Light, are finding that there is a large degree of agreement as to what taking place. It is not that any one source has the sole right to the truth, but there are different levels of interpretation. Stay with one that resonates with your own inner feelings, but by all means check out others as they may be able to add to your understanding. If any energy does not feel right to you, it is best to disregard it and do not allow fear to creep in. Some people are so set in their ways that they find it hard to move on, but in time they must find the greater truth through their own experiences. Indeed, every soul will eventually find the true path, and realize that it starts from within. In the remaining period before Ascension each soul will have the opportunity to become enlightened, as infallible sources of the truth will come out into the open. The Masters will be recognized and accepted for what they are, having led Mankind out of the Dark Ages for many centuries.

Your history over many thousands of years is also in need of clarification, and much that is written bears little relationship to the truth. You do need to understand how you have been misled, enslaved and controlled through millennia of time. In this way your experiences will bear results that will enable you to help other civilizations going through duality. Your cycle of duality in your present dimension will end, but it still exists in other Universes. From your Earth experiences some of you will seek opportunities to help others, as many highly advanced Beings have helped Mankind. These are the unwritten accounts of how you have always been accompanied by Guides, who have come to you in times of need. There is hardly a soul that at some time has not had what they describe as a “lucky escape” when threatened with danger. Believe us Dear Ones; luck does not come into it and behind the scenes a few strings are pulled on your behalf. It comes down to what you planned for your life’s experiences, and although your problems may have arisen from exercising your freewill, you have an agreement to allow your Guides to intercede on your behalf. There are times when you might wish to change your destiny, and even if you could you would still have to return to your life plan. There are often many souls involved with each other, and it is important that they are all allowed to fulfill their commitments to each other.

At the end of a cycle as you are now going through, there is a finalizing of outstanding karma. Consequently you may find yourselves going from one challenge to another in quick succession. However, accept that it is all in your own interests and once cleared you will not have to pass that way again. Life is for learning, but not without its pleasures that can also be the result of past experiences. Take what comes in your stride, because when you planned your life you knew that you had the capabilities to see it through, and sometimes it entails quite serious challenges. Life is not a bed of roses until you rise up out of duality, and in the higher dimensions you are heading for a blissful and happy existence. You will find peace beyond your present understanding and nothing to disturb your joy and happiness. Meet with others who have also ascended, and enjoy each other’s presence in a communion of souls in Love and Light.

When you consider what awaits you now any experience you have becomes insignificant, as it is simply a clearing away of anything that no longer serves you. You have to be part of it as you had a hand in bringing all creations into existence, and it is your responsibility to transmute them into the Light. Do not worry that it will all be too much for you, as even so you are charged with doing so you will still be helped. As you are certainly aware, the Galactic Federation are here as part of that help but also to assist Mother Earth. The task of cleansing the Earth is huge, and is not one that you could possibly handle in the time that is left. So there is no reason to despair at what is happening around you, as it is the result of centuries of negativity that has brought such low vibrations to Earth. It can be cleared quite quickly but until we can reach you openly, the work cannot really commence as we would wish.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and remind you that we have a deadline where our announced presence on Earth is concerned. It comes closer by the day so your frustrations will not last much longer, and we can then begin to enjoy a friendly relationship in a common cause.

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