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Auteur Topic: Contact: The Illuminati loses the fight for world domination (21-01)  (gelezen 5818 keer)


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Contact: The Illuminati loses the fight for world domination (21-01)
« Gepost op: januari 23, 2011, 12:46:18 pm »

SaLuSa  21-January-2011

It is not at all unusual for the period leading to the end times to be chaotic, but as the old drops away so a new pathway emerges. By now you should be able to see the direction you are heading in, and it will conform to the plan for Ascension. For each individual there are the personal experiences, as you notice the changes in your consciousness. You are finding that you are more able to keep centred and are not so easily disturbed by outer happenings. The end times are a great test that determines how far you have evolved. You have to deal with the constant assault upon your senses, and the sight of death and destruction that seems to constantly occupy the media. When you can give of your love and compassion to those involved, and are not adversely affected by the emotional tug of your heartstrings, you are placing yourself beyond the reach of a negative response. The anger that it evokes in some people simply adds to the fear that already exists, and feeds the very ones who are trying to unsettle you.

Look around you and you should able to find enough good news to lift up your expectations. The signs are there that indicate that the dark Ones are rapidly losing the fight for control over you. Notice how the Chinese leaders are making concessions to the West, and that they are using their power to prevent the Illuminati from making further footholds in the East. They are a part of a growing movement to stabilise the world, and root out the influences that have tried to lead you into another war scenario. We cannot stop minor altercations or confrontations, but we will prevent any escalation into an all out war. That is within our authority, and it is also in response to the rising consciousness levels that seek peace for all people. The few can no longer dictate the course of mankind, and the path is opening up for the final stages of duality, as you know it.

Over many lives and through many civilisations you have experienced virtually every religion and culture, and today you stand as an extremely advanced soul. Your intuition has been heightened by them, and you have little else to learn except to apply your knowledge to the everyday situations. That way you should be able to make decisions that maintain your place in the Light. Your links with any aspect of the dark ones activities should fall away, as you answer to your Higher Self. It will become the normal way in which you lead your lives, and harmony and balance will result. Manís Laws are a poor reflection of the Universal Laws, and sometimes you will have to fight them to obtain justice. With our coming, changes will be made and the Constitution restored with small amendments, for a population that is fast recognising the need for such action. The dark Ones have by no means had things all there own way, the difference is that until recent times they have carried out their deeds quite openly. The Light however has worked mainly behind the scenes, and prefers anonymity for reasons of safety. In fact the Light has never ceased working for your upliftment.

Now you wait for Governmental changes, Disclosure and Abundance programs to sweep you into the remaining period of this cycle. They are progressing and at the appropriate time we will swing into action and life will change quite dramatically. Our initial announcements will be so important to gain the confidence and support of the people, and much attention is being given to that aspect. There will be confusion, but the truth about your recent history will go a long way to clearing away false or misleading information. You have been deliberately mislead and kept in the dark over many events, that as Sovereign Beings you have every right to know about. For example there is vast and undeniable proof that life has not only existed on your Moon and Mars, but still does to this day. It is also known that there is an Inner Earth that houses advanced Beings, and we are not referring to bases under the Earth that hold both Humans and Extraterrestrial Beings. You really have so much to learn to set the record straight, and some information will be both shocking and sensational.

It will be most important that we can prove beyond doubt whatever information we give you, and that we can do in ways that will astound you by gong back into the past. You love your mysteries but you will enjoy the answers more so, and you could take the Great Pyramid as an example. It has caused so much speculation as to when it was built and to its purpose. Some investigators have found out much in this respect, but the vast numbers of you have little idea at all. Let us say that it goes back some 10,000 years and was built by Extraterrestrials, who created a network of such giants all around the world as you are discovering. In the main your history about them is very limited, and inaccurate as applies to much of your past 12,000 years or more. What is interesting is that you were your own ancestors. Hence it explains why some of you feel such a strong pull towards certain civilisations. It can affect your taste and preferences even today, and is apparent in many homes. It will thrill you when we show you exactly how the Great Pyramid was really built, by bringing the past to you.

Dear Ones, knowing what lies ahead of you, find joy and satisfaction in that knowledge. The dark Ones will no longer have any say in the matter, and will have been removed from all positions of power. Great spiritual Beings will have replaced them and Mankind will at last be led out of the darkness into the Light and Truth of Understanding. What happy times are just around the corner for you, and we know because we are part of them. Can you imagine how much weight will be lifted off your shoulders, and how quickly stressful situations will be changed. To be really free is in itself such a great step forward, but it comes with the recognition of the Oneness of All That Is.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and can tell you the we of the Galactic Federation are getting excited, at the nearness of our presence being officially acknowledged all around the world. We wish to help diminish the suffering that goes on in deprived countries, and of course anywhere else in the world. We have all of the experience needed to change matters quite quickly. We can in fact see much deeper into them than you can, and know exactly what is required to be active straight away. Hold on Dear Ones, as help is coming soon in a most efficient and gentle way.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Bedenk niet wat je morgen kan gaan doen, maar doe het gewoon!

Als je met een ernstig probleem geconfronteerd wordt, denk dan zeer goed na. Is er een oplossing, dan heeft het geen zin u op te winden. Is er geen oplossing, dan heeft het geen nut u op te winden.

Twijfel is niet meer van deze tijd. Twijfel betekent gewoon nee!
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