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Auteur Topic: Promosing signs to start open contact with all of you (29-9)  (gelezen 5730 keer)


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Promosing signs to start open contact with all of you (29-9)
« Gepost op: oktober 01, 2010, 05:02:47 pm »

Your beliefs are structured in such a way, that they form the basis of your response to the various situations that confront you several times a day. When you come into life, you incarnate with all of the experience you have gained over hundreds of lives. As you grow up you are moulded in a way that your parents believe in themselves, and it also becomes your way until you reach an age where you can think for yourself. Such developments are often the cause of friction within families, as parents feel it is their duty to enforce their beliefs on their children. However, as is normally the case, young people usually pull away from their upbringing to experience life as they choose. This results in each generation creating a new paradigm for their place in life. Eventually there is a coming together of ideas, and generally it is how progress is made. Progress in this sense does not necessarily mean changes for the better, but if you look back you will note that there is an easing of controls and taboos that have often stifled progress.

When you accept that your evolution is monitored and controlled by higher Beings, you will understand that changes are introduced through new ideas. These often originate with the younger generations, and that is carefully planned. Today you are living in a society that has been breaking down for a very long time, and as it does so those who have an expanded consciousness are able to introduce the vision of a new age. This fits in with the ever-increasing levels of consciousness, and manifests that which is required to create your path to Ascension. As we have so often mentioned, there cannot be a resurrection of the old ways, as they have served their purpose and do not carry the new energy that is needed for your upliftment. Therefore often what seems to be undesirable conflict is the result of the transmutation of the old in preparation for the new.

You do not need to be alarmed regardless of how severe some of the changes are, as what is needed to bring them to fruition already exists. For example the new Earth already exists in a higher dimension, and as it descends to meet you, your vibrations are being raised to meet it. Have we not informed you that nothing of the old can remain, unless it has manifested sufficiently to be part of the new paradigm. That is where you can all play your part in bringing the new into your lives. It starts through visualisation and eventually it attracts the higher energy and materialises, and that is why we constantly mention the need to keep your focus on the future. The more of you that do so, the quicker you can move forward. Be assured even if you cannot see the changes taking place, they are in fact speeding up.

We of the Galactic Federation are overjoyed at what we see occurring on Earth, as you are emerging from the controls of the past millennia that have deliberately held you back. You are awakening to your true selves and have realised your potential to bring about changes, that will give back your freedom. Moving from the darkness into the Light cannot happen overnight, but you have grounded the Light upon Earth and the grid is now operative. We wish you could see it as we do then you would have no doubts whatsoever about your future. Our coming will provide a great sense of relief, and you will see for yourselves the changes taking place that we have mentioned so often. It is not that we have been idle, as at any given time we always have work to do keeping a balance upon Earth. In this way we can direct and control the changes, so that they can occur without too much disruption in your lives.

It has never been our role to live your lives for you, and part of your experience is to reap the benefits or otherwise of your efforts. You learn from your mistakes, and gradually you are able to lift yourselves up. At present you have reached quite a high point, and it is heart warming to see the amount of Love and Light that is being generated. It all holds good for your future as you are deservedly leaving duality behind. It is also beneficial to Mother Earth, who finds that her tasks are somewhat less turbulent than they might have been. All the signs are promising for a move by us to start our open contact with you. However, do not despair if it does not happen immediately as timing is so important for such an issue. There is a good feeling arising amongst you, and it comes from the calmer approach of those that have found their peace within. You affect each other far more than you realise, and we urge you to keep calm whatever takes place about you.

There is a favourite expression that is used that is very applicable to you all right now, and that is to “go with the flow”. When you can do it, life will become a smooth ride and you will avoid the pressures that it may otherwise impose upon you. You as ever chose your path and it can be exactly as you want it to be through visualisation, and focussing upon what you want. You may feel that your contribution will make little difference, but that is far from the truth. In so doing you do in fact attract more energy to yourself, and that means when numbers of you get together your potential power increases exponentially. Now that you are on the last lap it is so important to keep the winning post in sight. We have no doubt that you will succeed, and we want you to go forward with the same confidence.

The period you are in now is also one in which you should try to disengage your self from the lower energies, to the extent that you do not involve yourself in the negative aspects of the news. Yes, by all means be aware of what is happening, and quickly pass on, and this will help prevent any of your energy being given away. There is now no reason to fear the consequences of any activity on Earth, as we have been given more authority to intervene where the results may become serious. Mother Earth is restless and must forge ahead with changes that are vital to her Ascension, but they need not be devastating. All is planned in such a way to minimise the after effects, and that is where we come in. You may not be aware of our presence, as much of our work is carried without any visible sign that we were involved.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and compliment you all for sticking to your belief in us, and soon that confidence will be rewarded. Go about your daily tasks knowing that a lot of love from us accompanies you on your journey.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey

If you don't change direction, you might end up where you are heading
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