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Auteur Topic: Amazing developments will signify the turn of the tide  (gelezen 3138 keer)


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Amazing developments will signify the turn of the tide
« Gepost op: oktober 01, 2010, 04:30:19 pm »

Depending on your understanding of what surrounds events now taking place you are probably feeling exhilarated, or have a certain foreboding about the future. Man has been conditioned to accept trouble and strife as a natural part of life’s experience, and has never been given the encouragement to think otherwise. Yet as sovereign Beings you are entitled to choose happy and fulfilling experiences. So what has resulted in you losing your way, and what is the answer? Dear Ones, you allowed others to take control, and as the vibrations gradually dropped even lost your memories of having been greater Beings. The path back has been torturous and painful, but to your credit you have never given up. With help to awaken you to your true Self and your full potential, you have begun to realise that you are special. You have lived lives surrounded by so much negativity, that your Light has almost been diminished but you have risen up again. Your Light however dim can be re-vitalised, because the promise is that every soul has infinite life and is immortal.

As you go through the last years before Ascension, your focus on it will be assailed by what appears to be the end of the world. The prophecies of Armageddon will seem to be coming to fulfilment, and fear will fill many people. However, before events seem unstoppable, amazing developments will turn the tide to one of reversing the trends. Suddenly the answers will come through revelations that are accompanied by the truth. That which was hidden from you will be brought out into the open for cleansing, so that where you have been denied the opportunity to advance yourselves, it will now be placed before you. We refer to many discoveries that would have enhanced and lifted your lives to a more acceptable level, and we along with many other sources are now empowered to ensure that what is due to you is received.

Like you the Earth must be cleansed, as having had the use of it for your experiences you cannot just walk away from the conditions you have left it in. Remember that you are ascending with Mother Earth, and like you she has to make preparations for it. Nothing would be learnt from your experiences if you did not understand the consequences of your actions, and did not accept responsibility for them. This is very much the same for you as an individual, and you too have to learn from your mistakes. That is the whole point of you passing through the cycle of duality, and as we always remind you, you eagerly put yourself forward for the experience. We might be prompted to ask that now you are in sight of the finishing line, why some should lose sight of the fact that nothing can prevent Ascension.

In spite of the doom and doom outlook of certain people, try to see beyond the immediate happenings and enjoy what you will experience in the immediate period before Ascension. Even better occupy your mind with what you will become after it, with all its promise of happiness and a blissful existence. Be patient and if you have the opportunity, help others in despair to overcome it and have faith in the future. Many, many groups are forming and pressing for immediate changes, and their protests will not go unheeded. You are becoming the voice of the people, and it carries a potent energy that will attract the means to manifest it. That is how the Law of Attraction works so we ask you to use it where you can.

The whole Universe is proceeding in an orderly fashion as it prepares to ascend, and yet the attention is being paid to you on Earth as a vital part of it. You must be ready for when the great day arrives, and your Universe will seemingly disappear, only to re-appear instantly in a higher vibration. That is the scale of what is happening, and you may ponder what magnificent Being can wield such power, and think no further than the God of your Universe. Can you imagine for one minute how powerful that makes you, because you all carry the God Spark? You have of course yet to manifest your full potency, but in time as you ascend to even higher dimensions it will gradually come about.

We urge you to follow David Wilcock and his revelations, if you want to keep abreast with what is happening in the world and beyond it. Get as you might say the low down on many happenings, and the likely outcome. David has assigned himself to bringing you the truth, and is a highly respected soul who has a total commitment to his work. Many look for guidance and seek a reliable source, and he is one that tops the list. David inspires such confidence and assurance that his goal is to reveal the truth. At the same time setting out the likely scenario that will lead you out of the darkness, and into the Light. Our protection goes out to anyone that serves the Light, and there are many of you that do it. You are all loved and respected for your total commitment to the role you have undertaken for the benefit of all. Your beautiful world has been blessed with the presence of so many Beings of Light, that they will bring more Light to it.

The darkness on your Earth that threatened to destroy it has been stopped from causing such a monumental disaster, that it would have taken eons of time to recover from. It has happened to other planets in your solar system, and it effects every other planet causing displacement and damage. It can even cause a planet to become uninhabitable for many thousands of years. God has decreed that your jewel in the sky, your shimmering Earth shall not be destroyed and the Galactic Federation will ensure that you are safe from danger. You have on more than one occasion faced total annihilation, and we have stepped in for you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and trust you are being uplifted by the good news that we bring. You will one day very soon, learn a lot about your past history and the final chapter will end with your Ascension. Once out of the cycle of duality your evolution will steadily proceed, as you move into higher, and higher dimensions. You have everything to look forward too, and nothing you have now will compare with what you will have once you have ascended. Keep it mind when you are distracted by earthly matters, and know that they can have no effect upon you unless you allow it to be so. Our love goes with you all forever.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.          

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