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Auteur Topic: Cancer , spiritual reasons  (gelezen 5233 keer)

light one

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Cancer , spiritual reasons
« Gepost op: december 12, 2020, 08:43:30 am »

Digging in the spiritual reasons of why things happen , The true nature of things .
I have been doing this a long time. About 30 years, some findings took a long time .
Like How do people get cancer ? and why ? Yes I found out how that works too.
Meaning the mechanics of it , I use the words spiritual reason ,
but that seems to imply as opposed to a non spiritual reality. for me there is no such thing,
also using the word spiritual is just a handle . more accurate would be how creating your reality works.
for me humans as souls create their reality from source , source is unconditional , does not create our reality .
to simplify matters lets look at what happens all around us ,
people use language in speech and written form. now here lies the problem ,
what is language ? seems to me to be a two sided being . one upfront and as is ,
as is thought in school, the other through the back door . what does that mean ?
what do I see when I look at the use of language ?
I see two people and they interact with cords made out of source energy ,
these cords are connecting them . these cords have intention. intention is what language means,
 is about , is what is shared between souls. . and by trough the back door is its multidimensional aspect .
 a text even can be seen full of these energy cords. Reaching out to who ever 'understands'
its meaning, connects to it , to the energy cords. Now there is that which is called energy stealing ,
this than is an energy cord that takes energy away from an other soul. sucks his energy .
This can be done in many ways all different but all using cords with intention .
Here lies our problem to look at for doing so creates karma ,
 karma is just creation but if its not good (undesirable) you will end up returning what you did ,
so if taken energy you end up returning it , are forced to return it . now we are close to the problem ,
 since the energy is needed to stay healthy and feed your self .
 you can than no longer do this since the energy draws away from you and you get ill ,
 cancer happens. The place where it happens will show you the nature of your mistake .
 Here is what Louise L. Hay writes on reason for cancer. 'Cancer Deep hurt Longstanding
resentment Deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds 'what's the use'
 ' What it doesn't mention is why this happens , as I now have explained much seems result of karma
 from energy stealing from others coming back to haunt you and deplete you of your own life force ,
an energy so much needed . 'You ended up taking away from your self what you wrongly took from others'.
 and that 'wrongly' would mean some how used as weapon towards others .
There are many variations in this theme explaining specific cases but that's what it boils down to
so here is just a few lines of a subject that could fill many pages ,
written down for those that can use it in one way or the other. ---------

light one

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overweight spiritual reason
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: december 12, 2020, 08:59:58 am »

overweight spiritual reason now Louise L. Hay in her list (book 'you can heal your self') stats the following reason Fear,
need for protection,running away from feelings, self rejection Looking fulfillment .
Yes I have looked at that a few times and looked at all the people around me and how they behaved ,
of course specially behaved with the energies and there I could see how it worked out for them . ,
The fear how did they get fear in their lives ? and the need for protection ? ,
how did they come to have fear and lack of protection would be an other way to see it. This is what I saw ,
they attacked others with these as weapons .
Fear and stripping down the protection of the person they attacked.
What they do is the use of language which are in it self energy cords between souls/people
that connect them through which energy flows and they have intention .
So they say certain things to make the other feel insecure ,take their protection away .
To in this way draw energy from them. But the soul make up does not allow this to go away unpunished ,
and reflects the effect back to them .
they them selves will now have lack of these things and grow to a state of overweight You can also tell .
what exacter way the attacks intention is by looking at where the over weight is in the body .
often by females it s related to using sexual desire of the partner as punishment,
in a energy drama based relationship. a duality of 'he wants it' so I have an angle of attack and a weapon.
there are many variations on this theme and best is to see each case individually. anyway a few words on this .
overweight a modern problem of the modern western world.
a problem for those who steal energy and get a nasty surprise reflection back .
again the reflection might relate to a past life to but the mechanism is the same .

light one

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smoking tobacco cigarettes
« Reactie #2 Gepost op: december 12, 2020, 09:03:15 am »

smoking tobacco cigarettes and the like I had always wanted to know why people did this the real reason ,
the spiritual back ground I found out a few years ago when digging in all the hows and whys of energy stealing
let me explain what I found out now the spiritual reason for smoking by Louise L Hay is under addiction a few things
are there like running from self ,fear , not knowing how to love your self I know so many who smoke and they
seem to have successful lives and well working position in the economical system and normal family life still
they smoke there must be a reason .. yes the have energy drama as so many I went paying attention what exactly
there where different reasons with the same result subtle energy stealing methods they used ,
that could be described as diminishing others self worth to add to there own in how they communicated
to some individuals other where of a type that dis approved of whole groups for certain reason that made them
self feel stronger . but than how smoking ? by taking energy away from others this created a pattern in reflected reality ,
that made the universe take energy away from them selves , so for this reason they had lack of self love ,
what they did to others they did to them selves , so energy was drained ways and this lack of self love or
'not knowing how to love them selves' was so created . let me summarise you steal love that is in the group
of personal strength of others this that is drawn away from your self again a karma or universe reflecting
back to you what you did to others so with this tap open and running , how can you love your self ? smoking takes place .
at the time I was shown all this while in discussion with my guide to find out the workings of this there are
many more ways self value is diminished that make people smoke an other example was an late teen age girl looking
at her self in the mirror and applying make up and doing this to look better , but so saying I don't look good
enough and creating that reality depleted self value smoking as result . posting this a use full info for others
I think insights like this should be out there


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Re: Cancer , spiritual reasons
« Reactie #3 Gepost op: december 12, 2020, 11:08:17 am »

Thank you very much for sharing this.

I have to be honest though, I find it hard to read due to the lack of paragraphs, punctuation and absence of capitalizing words at the start of sentences. English is not your native language either, is it?
Bedenk niet wat je morgen kan gaan doen, maar doe het gewoon!

Als je met een ernstig probleem geconfronteerd wordt, denk dan zeer goed na. Is er een oplossing, dan heeft het geen zin u op te winden. Is er geen oplossing, dan heeft het geen nut u op te winden.

Twijfel is niet meer van deze tijd. Twijfel betekent gewoon nee!
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