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Titel: The Inspiration of Compassion and Love (English Explanation)
Bericht door: Beam of Light op januari 20, 2017, 08:15:57 am
Hereby I want to thank everything and everyone in this physical place we call ours. For creating something unforgettable.
For a beauty we have and call upon in many names for example: Love & Compassion. Why stop there, when all people who memorized this as great lessons are the most inspiring people this place, our place has known.
-Beam of Light
(one of my other nicknames/pseudonym)
Independent. Most beings want to be independent. In such a way that no other then themselves are the creaters. In such a way that no one is more important then themselves. The path of creaters is seen as a journey of fighters while it in our eyes is seen as the journey of Love.
Love the fact that you can stand up daily, that you can start daily without a heavy heart. Love the shimmering of your eyes, even if it shall be there because of your tears. Cry, Scream, Call, Be.

Have the feeling of Compassion for those who need it, those who have not experienced it. Learn that your mistakes are the most hazy creations that there can be. Look beyond the misty grounds and see the importance of that mistake in another light, a positive light.

Do that, exactly that and you won't keep telling yourselves that it is never good enough.

-Wise Eagle